PSIU! 2019 - Concert Geraldinho Lins & Guests

PSIU! 2019 - Concert Geraldinho Lins & Guests
26. Januar 2019 um 22:00 – 27. Januar 2019 um 4:00
ufaFabrik Internationales Kulturcentrum
Viktoriastr. 10-18
U6 Ullsteinstrasse
Berlin 12105
PSIU! 2019 - Concert Geraldinho Lins & Guests @ ufaFabrik Internationales Kulturcentrum | Berlin | Germany

7. PSIU! Forró Festival Berlin (24.-27.01.2019)

🎸 Concert GERALDINHO LINS & Guests 🎤

🎛️ DJ Dufole

Entrance: box office 22€ (or festival pass)
pre sales 22€

**GERALDINHO LINS – Serra Talhada (Pernambuco)**
– or simply Geraldinho, is the son of Pernambuco’s sertão, a region rich in creativity, located in the heart of northeastern Brazil.

It was in this corner of the world that the rhythm that rocked the poet’s childhood was born – the forró, genre that was the basis of the musicality of Geraldinho from his childhood days, as they say with the old and good Northeastern accent. In his early adolescence, he moved to the capital Recife, and when he reached the sea, Geraldinho plunged deeply into the coastal culture of Frevo, Maracatu and Caboclinhos. It was a time of living “à flor da pele”, name of the first band that the composer created along with friends from high school. The Flor da Pele band marked the student scene of the 90s and was Geraldinho’s entrance to the professional scenario. Then, to gain experience and live the practical side of being an artist, he took the road alongside Quenga de Coco Band and won the sympathy of an increasingly captive and passionate audience. So, with the struggle of the road life, his solo journey began, at the turn of the millennium.

Over the last 28 years, Geraldinho has set up his career recording more than 15 CDs, singing in hundreds of festivals and events in several cities in Brazil and Europe and is starting to produce his 4th DVD. With an agenda of constant annual shows, the artist keeps moving on from São João to Carnival, chamirng all types of people who want to live their roots in the Northeast. Geraldinho is now on the road of the world – as every artist should be.

🎥 Cinematographer: Eximius Filmes
✅ Sponsored by: De Cada Canto um Canto
☑️ Artistic Procucer: Beto Farias Beto
☑️ Producer & Executive Producer: Dança Frevo Kulturevents
🏫 Supported by: ufaFabrik, Internationales Kulturzentrum